Tuesday, 1 September 2020

August 2020 Update

I got my GCSE results this month, after several u-turns from the government, and will be starting sixth-form college this September. The government has handled the COVID-19 explosion and fallout in a catastrophically terrible way. Remind yourself what your government did in crisis when Boris tries to charm a vote out of you at the next general election.

Immigration & Asylum Seekers

In my last update I spoke of why equality is something that the majority struggle with, especially when we look at people that seem different to us, whether it be where they were born, their[1] physical appearance, or their language or cultural knowledge. I want to discuss the omnipresent migrant 'crisis'.

If the British meddles in another country, by fighting in civil wars, overthrowing dictators, or feeling the repercussions of decision we took in previous colonies, we should accept refugees into our country as a consequence. For example, if you nock someone's phone off the table, or crash into their car you are liable. In the same way, this country cannot expect other countries to foot our bill. Boris, Nigel & Co want you to believe that even if we caused the explosion, we don't have to clear up the fallout. A lot of people (including Boris & Nigel) will call the Iraq war illegal, but then not take any of the humanitarian burden that falls on the disruption we caused in the Middle East. 

Contrary to what you read in The Sun, the vast majority of migrants are hard-working, strong people, just like the majority of the UK, just like you. The right wing want to scare you, like they did with Brexit, and turn us into a nationalist, intolerant country.


A video I found really quite insightful, that explained how statutes and treaties about asylum is here.

1. I use 'their' or 'they' as a way of showing the attitude of a member of the majority looking at what they perceive to be minority, usually people different from them. In this article I am generally referring to people entering the country to claim asylum.

Sunday, 2 August 2020

July 2020 Update

I know I'm late to give my overview on this matter, but regardless if I addressed it a month ago, or a year in the future, it's still a big issue. It highlights not just how black people in majority white countries experience racism, but how in all countries, any minority group of people, like religion, race, sexuality, and gender, are not treated the same as the majority group of people.

In the UK, 87.17% of people are white. 12.83% of people are BAME (Black And Minority Ethnic).
In the UK 59.49% of people are Christian. 40.51% of people are of a minority religion.
In the UK 94% of people are straight. 6% of people identify differently.

Just because you have a smaller percentage of a population doesn't make you less important, and doesn't mean that you should have worse human rights. But not everyone is as liberal and as open as me, and therefore minorities can be easily quashed.

This is because in a democracy, the majority holds the keys to power, and most of the time that means that the minority are not represented when the majority is. If you think about it, if a political party run by the majority always held 60% of seats, whereas a minority political party always held 40% of the seats, the majority would hold 100% of the power, and the minority 0%. In short, the power held is not proportional to the people it is supposed to represent.

It's a very difficult thing to address, without either abolishing one person, one vote, or introducing power shared governments, which would most likely fail to get anything done, we cannot change things using politics, or using an easy method.

We need to get to a position where the the colour of your skin, the people you love and the things you worship do not matter. We need a world where there is no minority, just one majority.

Unfortunately for us, the war between the majority and minority will never cede. 

As a straight, white man I have an obligation and the opportunity to make the country better for minorities, I am the largest fragment of an extremely fragmented society. That's why I want to encourage communication and dialogue, to reduce the ignorance between fragments. And, hopefully one day, start piecing the fragments back together.